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SystemONE sensore iperspettrale per droni e aerei
SystemONE sensore iperspettrale per droni e aerei

SystemONE sensore iperspettrale per droni e aerei

systemONE allows quick operations from Drone and Aviation Platforms in order to get 3D reconstruction of the territory and Multispectral, Hyperspectral and Thermal Georeferenced High Resolution maps. systemONE can be used for: Precision Agriculture, Environmental, Pollution Monitoring, Archeology, Utilities and Critical Infrastructures Monitoring.

SystemONE sensore iperspettrale per droni e aerei

Alessandro Paglialunga - Superelectric Srl

Alessandro Paglialunga (Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Rome University “Sapienza”) has a 30 years background in System Integration and Project Management and a marketing and commercial background in product development for electronic systems in the Broadcast, Cultural Heritage and Interactive Multimedia sectors.
In the field of GIS Data, Alessandro Paglialunga has developed the VIRTUAL NEWS model for breaking news based on the integration of Virtual reality and GIS information.
At present Alessandro Paglialunga is Commercial Director at SUPERELECTRIC S.r.l., a SME the operates in the field of electronic monitoring systems for the Precisione Agriculture, Cultural Heritage and Environmental monitoring markets. As a responsible of product market development in the SmartCity sector, Alessandro Paglialunga specifically follows the product development of Multispectral and Hyperspectral sensors for terrestrials and aerial platform, including Drones.
Alessandro Paglialunga has more than 10 papers in the field of image based measurement systems a and telecommunication.
Alessandro Paglialunga has been teacher at Palermo University DAMS.

mail: a.paglialunga@superelectric.it
Cell: +39 348 2646077
Skype: alexpaglia2

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