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CampuStore's motto is Innovation for education, where education does not only stand for schools and universities, but also any other organization dealing with teaching and learning: CoderDojos, FabLabs, museums, after schools and summer schools, tinker labs, making spaces, associations and foundations.
With more than 20 years of experience, CampuStore has always been a main contributor to the diffusion of products and solutions that have changed and evolved educational approaches in Italy.
The idea behind CampuStore is to create educational paths that allow every student to express themselves and pursue their vocations at best, giving everybody the chance to be the best possible adult.
At Maker Faire Rome, CampuStore will bring the most innovative products, with particular attention to the new educational scenarios built around educational robotics and electronics, computational thinking, problem solving, FabLabs and storytelling, with a view to building soft skills enabling people to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.
CampuStore will also set up a true creative atelier - a unique opportunity to see and experience the best solutions for these innovative environments, from innovative and modular school furniture to the best solutions to build skills for primary schools’ students.
Last but not least, CampuStore will manage the Teachers Area, a space exclusively dedicated to teachers of every school order - from kindergarten to high school - with over 70 free workshops.


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