Exhibitors 2018

Megalo Chester  - Orchestra Meccanica

Megalo Chester - Orchestra Meccanica

On a cart I used to play on the street with my marching band, I installed a mechanism to play percussion via midi.
So this traveling busker band was born and together we will propose a repertoire of world music!

It is a project that required 3 years of work to bring it to completion, including mechatronics and robotics, to choose the best electromagnets, suitable boards, create the arms with a mechanism that was performing and make the songs.

Completed in June 2018, it was presented in world premiere at the Maker Faire in Trieste where we received the "special mention" award.

The shows we have built include the possibility of using it as a traveling marching band, or for musical performances or street performances.


Federico Bonollo

  B11 (pav. 7) - Federico Bonollo

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