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CLIMBSTATION.IT by Pichetto Marco

CLIMBSTATION.IT by Pichetto Marco

Continuous climbing for fitness and fun without ropes, harness or instructor.

Skill Vs. Thrill – Climbing, being that indoor/outdoor bouldering, speed climbing, endurance climbing, big overhanging, ice climbing, pure rock climbing are skill-based activities that challenge the users to develop their skills to emulate their heroes. By comparison, the typical theme park rides are thrill-based rides. No skill is required and no reward or accomplishment is earned. The more you ride a thrill ride the less thrilling it becomes. This is what we call thrill fatigue. Climbstation’s skilled-based technology is the antidote to thrill fatigue. The adrenaline rush of successful challenges met, inspires user to achieve a never-ending cycle of skill based reward, thereby increasing the user’s visitations and loyalty.

Sport – Climbing has been around for centuries. But sport climbing is relatively new. And it is only the last 15 - 20 years it has become what it is today. From being an extreme sport it has come to be for everyone. Including the extensive increase of indoor climbing facilities. Competitions with speed, show, ice, endurance and so much more. This new approach on the climbing sport is taken seriously by every business who want’s to keep the competitive edge or be on top in these financial challenging times. ClimbStation will energize your facility with aspiring athletes (and ‘wannabes’) who will pay again and again to enhance their climbing skills. Not only does this repeat business enhance revenue and spread word of mouth, but the better a climber gets, the greater the show for your viewing audience.

Lifestyle – having adventure and climbing in our DNA. ClimbStation combines our passion for bouldering and climbing. And at the same time giving everyone an alternative workout and staying in shape. We work with the ClimbStation brand full-time. The ClimbStation products are the missing warm up, functional equipment for fitness center’s and gyms. The missing link between indoor bouldering and outdoor climbing. It is the one product that can create a whole new category of customers to your current enterprise. ClimbStation creates an emotional connection between outdoor climbing and fitness. ClimbStation technology attract the valuable youth market, families climbing enthusiasts and everybody who wants to have some fun, stay or get in shape. When orchestrated correctly, the lifestyle can increase venue revenues beyond those generated by the normal theme parks, fitness centers and gyms, adventure companies including sales of food and beverage, retail products, sponsorship opportunities and corporate and competitive events. A great differentiator for your company!

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