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Green Tech Solution, power of automation !

Green Tech Solution, power of automation !

Sciences and Technologies Department originates from the merging of the previous Departments of Applied Sciences and Environmental Sciences replacing the pre-existing and prestigious Faculty of Science and Technology, whose origins date back to 1919, year when University of Naples "Parthenope" was founded. In recent years, the growing interest for artificial intelligence and autonomous piloting applications drove the department toward the research on Unmanned technologies (ie without a pilot on board) in order to explore the new potentials related to possible applications. From this point of view, a collaboration has been setter with the nascent start-up Green Tech Solution that deals with prototyping and testing of automatic and self-piloted marine, terrestrial and areal craft. The partnership aims is to share the results obtained over the years, in order to undertake a collaboration path on these issues.
For Maker Faire Rome event we will show the versatility of an automatic system designed for land environment. A prototype ROVER equipped with sensors for situation awareness and software for autonomous missions, will be presented by Green Tech Solution and Parthenope. The user will be able to define, program and memorize land missions having different degree of complexity. The planned missions will be executed automatically by the ROVER. Workshop participants will test step by step the whole procedure to perform an Autonomous Unmanned Mission in compliance with safety regulations. The final aim is to underline the advantages offered by this approach in terms of automation possibilities to increase processes efficiency in several application fields. To this end it will be asked to the attenders to imagine new and innovative applications for autonomous missions.
Moreover, at the stand it will be possible to receive information about the SISDA European project (SIStema di Discesa controllata & Atterraggio di precisione) in which Parthenope University is a partner together with Arescosmo & Consorzio ALI. The SISDA Project aims to develop an innovative ram air parachute as autonomous landing system for terrestrial and space missions. To this end a descending system mission simulation tool, developed by Parthenope University in collaboration with Atitech Hangar Lab, is work in progress and some preliminary release will be shown.

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