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Comando gestuale
Comando gestuale

Comando gestuale

The prototype was made by the students of ITST Ferraris in the activities of ASL that our institute carries out in collaboration with the association Dam Bros Robotics.
The system allows you to control a robot-rover using gestural commands.
An accelerometer-gyroscope is mounted on the back of a glove, hand movements are detected, processed and sent to the robot-rover.
The hand movements are suitably processed by the robot-rover microcontroller so as to provide the wheel motors with the right direction controls.
The rover robot is also equipped with an ultrasonic transducer to avoid impacts against obstacles.

Comando gestuale


30 students have followed the lessons of educational Robotics and they all were attending the fourth year of our school.
They showed a great interest in this discipline and they enjoyed doing laboratory activities.
Thanks to their commitment they have strengthened their knowledge and have developed many skills in the field of Electronics.

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