Exhibitors 2019



Our project is called “Carrellomatic”, it is an automated shopping cart that provides a substantial help to people who find difficult during the spending’s transport.
This is the reason why we designed Carrellomatic; it is a motorized cart that facilitates the shopping’s transport.
Our cart can be purchased, rented or, if the customer already has one, it can be changed to make it motorized.
Our service for the society consists in an electric cart, it is automated thanks to an engine located below it, which should give a slight push to the trolley to prevent the subject to work further with the transport of his own expenses.


Classe 4L ITIS "Enrico Fermi" Roma. CARRELLOMATIC

We are three students in Automation in a High School in Rome "ITIS Enrico Fermi". We are '18 and we want to show how we want to resolve a problem for a ancient people that want to carry heavy shopping or something else.

  A21 (pav. 5)
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