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Revolù Art-L'arte si fa green
Revolù Art-L'arte si fa green

Revolù Art-L'arte si fa green

We make jewelry and furnishing accessories completely by hand, using goldsmith techniques using recycled materials such as wood, vinyl, VHS and metals.

Revolù Art-L'arte si fa green

RevoLù Art

The RevoLù Art project was born in 2009 with the intention of developing its own creativity and experimenting with different techniques, from goldsmiths to carpentry, to create unique and original objects starting from the recycling of waste materials.
This is why we call ourselves eco-designers.
In 2012, together with two other artists, we founded a co-working based in Rome, where ideas, workshops and projects always linked to the theme of recycling are born.
As for the eco-workshops we have over 60 hours of courses that we have taken to different cities in Italy.

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