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Totem - Unique Construction System with Cuttable Parts. Tailor made for building Electronics and Modeling together.
Totem offers:
• Mechanical parts for makers of all levels to create their unique projects;
• Ready to assemble robotics kits – controlled with Totem app;
• Small but powerful home or class electronics laboratories - includes a variety of measuring instruments, ready to use electronics blocks for experiments and is fully compatible with Arduino programming environment.
Come and meet our Team at Totem Stand!


Lars Ovrum and Totem team

Lars Ovrum started his interest in technology in the mid-seventies, and especially programming and electronics was his major interest. The education started in 1980 becoming a civil engineer in telecommunication and computer sciences.

Right after the university he started the first company with a partner, the company was Otrum Electronics AS, later just Otrum AS. This became a successful stock listed company making communications systems for the hotel industry.

In the beginning of the 2000 decade, another invention resulted in a new company making interior building products, still produced today.

In 2014 the start of what was to become the Totem construction system emerged. Lars was constructing an electronics module, and was struggling with the mechanics needed to assemble it all together. Why haven’t anyone made a system to make it easy to assemble electronics modules together ?

So if there wasn’t any product quite suitable for this, Lars wanted to invent one himself. During 2015 the concept was ready, and the work of patenting the design started. So the details of Totem had to be secret until the patent application was finished.

After this, we in Totem have worked hard to implement the invention into a finished producible product.

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