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Mowi Cage: Gabbia a led per dj
Mowi Cage: Gabbia a led per dj

Mowi Cage: Gabbia a led per dj

"Mowi Cage" is a cubic structure (2.5m x 2.5m x 2m) for lighting the dj's console during events, where every edge of the cube is illuminated.

There are various lighting games, each with configurable timers and colors:
- Gravity with rebound
- Meteor
- Rain
- Strobe
- Chase
- "Supercar"

The control unit was designed for arduino / Teensy, and can be driven from a PC.

The possible evolutions are a lot:
- Other geometric shapes instead of the cage (circles, triangles, ..) of any size
- Compatibility with DMX
- Piloting from app via bluetooth

PS: The cage is in anodized aluminum, elegant even when turned off;)

Mowi Cage: Gabbia a led per dj

Michele Seraglio e Matteo Maddalozzo

Michele & Matteo

Michele Seraglio, 35 years old.
Since he was young, lover of computer science, volleyball and music.
Now he works as software architect, he play beach volley, and has fun developing funny projects regarding music

Matteo Maddalozzo, 30 years old
From 15 years dj and event manager.
Now he works as service manager, and is very active in organizing the main events in province of Belluno

  H15 (pav. 6)
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