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MIG - Military Innovative Greenhouse
MIG - Military Innovative Greenhouse

MIG - Military Innovative Greenhouse

MIG is a standard ISO20 shipping container easily transportable and repositionable, in which technical and technological solutions have been introduced that make it a sterile new generation Hydroponic Vertical Farm able to grow autonomously clean nutritional vegetables.
The system is completely computerized from sowing to harvest, is completely self-sufficient, all the resources are optimized, minimizing water and electrical consumption and optimizing the processes of plant growth in order to allow high yields, with short and optimized cycles without chemicals.

MIG - Military Innovative Greenhouse

Giorgia Pontetti

I’m Giorgia class 77, I’m a electronic and astronautic engineer (twice is better than 1), I love nature & technology: it’s another way to describe my "crazy" new style farm.
Despite my rigid and formal studies as engineer in the 90s, I have always had nature and agriculture in my life, because it is the only source able to make me feel alive.
The passion for agriculture has always accompanied me, handed down from my family of humble and peasant origins, as well as the passion for technology that changes continuously, because the dynamism is the best weapon to know and know each other better.
I think agriculture plays a fundamental role in the development of all the civilizations of history and today, considering pollution, climate change, overpopulation, it is essential to develop alternative methods of food production that do not compromise the few still functioning ecosystems.
I'm CEO of a research center for microelectronics for space applications as well as founder and CEO of Ferrari Farm.

  C1 (pav. 3) - G & A Engineering - Giorgia Pontetti

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