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As a city biker you'll know the struggle to find your parked bicycle among many others. FindmyBike is a system that will help you to find the right one with these steps:
- Mount the tiny device on the back light of your bicycle;
- Install FindmyBike app;
- Turn on the Bluetooth;
- Close the app and run it again when near again to your bike;
- To find again your bike, open the app;
- Just press on the Smart button;
- Now listen to the “beeps” of your bike;
- You can search also for a flashing red light;
- Hop on your bike and close the app.

Lots of cities have a very large use of the bicycle mobility. You can safely park your own in crowded parking lot, without the struggle to find it again.


Michele Scaramuzzi, Francesco Lemma

Mr Michele Scaramuzzi
Born in Bari, he always loved and worked in the projects of microprocessor systems (as Z80, 8085, ST6, ATMEGA328, ARM, ESP), robotics and the elaboration of smart systems. Graduated in Informatics with a thesis of systems based on machine knowledge. In the latest year the creates open solutions for building automation (eg. The “Titino” project, presented during the MFR14), interactive design and IoT.

Mr Francesco Lemma
Graduated in Electronic Engeneering, he worked in tecnic and managment roles (as chief of quality of approvigionamento activities of third resources and materials for Enel). His hobbies are programming in Android studio and painting.

  E6 (pav. 3)
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