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VARIOBOT - Robot Kits
VARIOBOT - Robot Kits

VARIOBOT - Robot Kits

The biologically inspired robots varikabi, varikabo and tinobo respond particularly perceptive to their surroundings. With a patented combination of light sensors, they can identify objects, obstacles, light, shadows, or markings on the floor by means of the slightest contrast in brightness. Twelve astounding functions are possible.
The varikabi Robot Kits can be built and tested directly on our stand. The interchangeable analog control circuits are plugged into a small breadboard; there is no need to solder. It takes about an hour to build and is suitable for children as of 8 years old.

VARIOBOT - Robot Kits

Tino Werner

Tino Werner develops analog control methods and walking mechanisms for mobile robots and is an inventor of technical games.

  F21 (pav. 8) - Tino Werner

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