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robot fire fighter
robot fire fighter

robot fire fighter

Within years,Wildfires are lasting longer and burning a greater area, affecting people in many communities.Our project is a robot that acts like a firefighter.It detects fire,put it off,deports smoke gathered in the fire area. Also it sends an email to the fire station and the owner stating the exact location of the fire taking place and necessary information. To add, it has a camera that allows the fire stations to have a live feed concerning the fire while controlling it. Furthermore, this robot fire fighter ensures the safety of people in the fire areas, and keeps them alive till the arrival of the firefighters.


robot fire fighter

Al - Hassan Schools

The students of the 11th grade of Al Hassan School (age 15+)
Names:-Fatima Dbouk (Student)
-Batoul Hamoud (Student)
-Hawraa Saraeb (Student)
-Wael Hassan (Teacher)
- ahmad el husseini( organizer)
- samih jaber(organizer)
- darine kanso( organizer)
- farah moukadem( organizer)

  A10 (pav. 5) - Kalimat Education - Lebanon

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