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Passione 3D - MB339 Frecce Tricolori (1,42mt)
Passione 3D - MB339 Frecce Tricolori (1,42mt)

Passione 3D - MB339 Frecce Tricolori (1,42mt)

I'm a fan of flying and dynamic RC modelling field with 3D design and realization with the latest generation of 3D printers.
This new technology of realization has fascinated me in the search for something new to be able to fly and at the same time reliable and refined in details.
The MB339 plane the best of Italian technology and the current plane of the National Aerobatic Team has triggered me the idea of making it for the first time in 3D and making it a flying machine. The commitment and the passion allowed to realize these two interesting versions, the edf 70mm and the edf 90mm.
I hope it's just the beginning of a new world for this fantastic hobby.


Passione 3D - MB339 Frecce Tricolori (1,42mt)

Fabio Berdondini - Passione 3D

Fabio Berdondini, born in 1982, technical employee in the field of power electronics semiconductors, passionate about flying machines and modeller, passionate about new technologies and always looking for something of new.

  E20 (pav. 7) - Fabio Berdondini

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