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Orto 2.0

Orto 2.0

Orto 2.0 is an application and a digital platform that gives to everyone the opportunity to have and manage a personal garden, in order to have fresh and great quality products at home.
The digital structure of the project will offer an easy access to the platform giving to customers the opportunity to have a real-time interaction with the garden, choosing products to plant and organising the cultivation, the irrigation and the harvesting, until the delivery to home.
Users will be able to check the garden constantly through the live camera in their personal area, and will receive real-time notifications about the status of the products.
Exceeding products shall be inserted into a trading community or shall be delivered to home or other places.
The aim of our company is to ensure to our customers high quality products knowing its background, giving to everyone the possibility to have a biological garden far from the city, ensuring a rural background with the opportunity to check it whenever.
We will manage the garden on behalf of the customer and all of the fruits of the batch will be property of him.
Our purpose is to retrieve the seasonal nature of the diet, making a virtuous circle of cultivation, recovering the relationship with the land and the health educating them to a responsible consume.
With Orto 2.0 the grower and the consumer will coincide, skipping long agri-food pathways and making the costumer almost self-sufficient for what concern the food expenditure


Orto 2.0

Artibani Lorenzo, Capannini Alessandro, Di Febbo Stefano, Nardo Gianluca, Tomarelli Marco

Artibani Lorenzo - 11/07/1990 - Rome. Master’s Degree in Economics. Good knowledge of English and Spanish. Excellent knowledge of Office, Stata and R Studio Package. Internship at Cesc Project and Grupo Social FEPP Ecuador. Vice president of Orto 2.0
Capannini Alessandro - 19/07/1993 - Rome. Master’s Degree in Management Engineering. Excellent knowledge of English and Spanish, gained in the study experience in America and Spain. Effective use of Office Package. Supply Chain manager of Orto 2.0
Di Febbo Stefano - 01/12/1992 - Atri (TE). Master’s Degree in Management. Good knowledge od English and excellent skills in Office, web lenguages and graphic software. Excellent problem solving skills.
Nardo Gianluca - 01/04/1989 - Rome. Master’s Degree in Profession and Consultancy. Good knowledge of Office package. Business Reporting and risk assessment skills
Tomarelli Marco - 17/11/1990 - Rome. Bachelor’s Degree in Economcis and Management. Good knowledge of English and excellent knowledge of the Office Package. Design and monitoring abilities of hardware, water and electrical technical structures. President of Orto 2.0

  A21 (pav. 7) - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

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