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Handcrafted wood phone cases. Laser engraved and hand painted.
The brand name comes from the union of two words: Make+Era
It refers to the world community of Makers, the contemporary cultural movement based on innovative technologies and processes. Thanks to several open source projects, I had the opportunity of building a CNC and a laser machine, becoming a Maker himself.



Fabio Sannino

Born and raised in Napoli, where he stays until he is 26, Fabio Sannino alternates studies in economics to long trips around the world, in the attempt of learning from new experiences and fusing his culture with others, discovering more about the world and about himself. A mile stone is a trip to California, where he decides to move once he graduated from university.
In the United States, Fabio finds the most exasperated application of the capitalism as studied in college, but also the overcoming of Marx’s theory of capital. Fabio stuns in front the digital revolution and realizes that the means of production are now available to everybody. Consumers have become producers and can sell all over the world without the need to open a physical shop. Factories have taken on new faces, new forms; their offices are now garages or house rooms no longer representing alienation sites, but transformed into places of emancipation for young creative and visionary minds, starting set of innovative start-ups.
Immersed in the digital vanguard, Fabio discovers - remembers indeed - that he has always been fascinated by making things. There is something rewarding and fulfilling about taking an idea and crafting it with your hands until it turns into something real. The new techniques of digital craftsmanship represented for him what a pen is for a writer, the essential tool, the extension of his fingers, needed to make real the design of an object, the solution to a problem, the response to a need, which otherwise would continue to live only in his own mind.
Deeply enriched by new ideas, new tools, and a new consciousness, Fabio makes yet another trip, back this time, to the origins, and, after three years of living abroad, develops his loving choice: returning to his land, with a new baggage that, in a small pocket, contains the seed of his new project: Makera.

  H16 (pav. 3) - Fabio Sannino

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