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Sunflower High efficiency pv panels by Ceconi Creative Laboratory
Sunflower High efficiency pv panels by Ceconi Creative Laboratory

Sunflower High efficiency pv panels by Ceconi Creative Laboratory

Sunflower high efficiency solar panels.

We made a working prototype : It is a sunseeker system for photovoltaic panels.

There are several reasons that led us to develop this type of mechanical solution. Our system has several advantages compared to normal sunseekers, where the panels are mounted on a support frame that, during the day, moves on two axes to capture solar radiation. First of all our system uses a single motor instead of two to guarantee the most favorable angle of incidence throughout the whole day for maximum efficiency of the solar panels; it can also allows to be mounted both a flat roof or on a pitch of the south-facing roof or again on a roof-type frame that allows you to create an underlying space for garage for example electric cars.

Therefore our system grant easier architectural integration in buildings: hence the acronym “BIPVp” Building integrated photovoltaic panels. Moreover our system guarantees greater mechanical strength and reliability over time because it uses a PLC control system that moves a single motor instead of two and therefore it is characterized by lower purchase cost, lower operating and maintenance costs and greater immunity to extreme weather events since it rests on four side supports instead of a single support as in the case of traditional sun follower. The weak point of the sun follower system is exactly in the joint between the support post and the adjustable frame, where the motors are positioned and also the racks that realize the longitudinal and latitudinal orientation of the panel in case of strong mechanical stresses associated with extreme atmospheric events.

The risk of breakage is particularly high and the consequent repair is very expensive to the point of cancelling the gain made thanks to the installation of the panel. As the joint is not physically present and since the whole system is driven by a single motor that operates a tilting system that rests on four supports, the possibility of mechanical failure and service interruption is statistically lower .

Thanks to BIPVp we respect nature and the environment.

Sunflower High efficiency pv panels by Ceconi Creative Laboratory


We are enthousiasts of new technologies and our first goal is to respect the environment: that's our main interest. We work in a special laboratory that we called Ceconi Creative Laboratory: It's our FabLab were we build our prototype of solar sunseeker.

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