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IoT-based Multimedia Recording Box for Classrooms

IoT-based Multimedia Recording Box for Classrooms

We combine the IoT and cloud technology to provide a secure, reliable, affordable and intuitive lecture capture solution that goes far beyond a simple act of recording. Our Multimedia Recording box sits between the laptop and projector and it records the lectures automatically real-time. During the lecture, students can instantly live-capture what they see on the projector screen and make personalized annotations. The time-synched recorded lecture video, presentation slides, and the annotations can be viewed on any smartphone or tablet and also allows students to interact with each other by asking and answering questions. Furthermore, our powerful data-crunching algorithm can provide teachers valuable learning analytics.

IoT-based Multimedia Recording Box for Classrooms

Marco Ronchetti, Tiziano Lattisi, Hyeon Kyeong Hwang

Marco Ronchetti - Associate Professor in Computer Science at University of Trento
Expert in e-learning, knowledge management, and Software engineering

Tiziano Lattisi - Bs. in Mathematics with 25+ years in Software Development . Owner and Founder of a software company (Axia Studio srl.) that provides SaaS services to Public Administration.

Hyeon Kyeong Hwang - PhD. in Computer Science from University of Trento. Doctorate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from European Institute of Technology (EIT). Expert in Technology enhanced learning, Knowledge management, and IoT-based Smart Mobility

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