Exhibitors 2019

Eagle & Beagle

"Eagle & Beagle" is a project composed of two robots that interact: a drone (Eagle) and a rover (Beagle). The rover is equipped with an autopilot system thanks to which it can move independently and be used as a home video surveillance system. When it detects the intrusion of someone it can send a message to the owner, who, through an application, can view the video of the cameras of the robots and understand if the intrusion is caused by a thief. This project can also be useful in case of sismic events: it is able to avoid and overcome obstacles and has no problems moving through the debris to take a video or search for missing people.

Eagle & Beagle

4°-5° Esc, Liceo Monti Chieri (TO)

We are a group of guys from the Liceo Monti di Chieri (TO) passionate about computer science and robotics. This year we decided to start a new experience; we participated to "Festa della Matematica 2019", organized by the Mathesis Subalpine Association, we won the Perlasco Award with this project and got the first position at the "Mercatino delle Idee" competition.

  A3 (pav. 5) - Liceo Scientifico Augusto Monti - Chieri (TO)

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