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QuicklyPro is an innovative startup, founded by 3 physiotherapists, who conceived, created and patented Q-WALK, a wearable device at the level of the knees that, thanks to the projection of personalized visual cues, guides walking in people affected by Parkinson's disease.
Q-WALK has associated a software to monitor the gait training and an App to encourage constant communication between patients and specialists and allows a greater compliance with the care pathway.
Q-WALK was the winning project of the latest edition of Bioupper.



Niccolò Sala, Manuel Rocco

Niccolò Sala, 28/02/1989
CEO of QuicklyPro
Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Milan
Master in Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Pisa

I am a designer of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. I help patients find effective solutions to improve their physical problems, especially those related to walking.
Rehabilitation is for me a technical and scientific discipline, partly sociological and humanistic, it is a link between engineering and art, between invention and style and between relationship and mutual trust between patient and specialist.
Rehabilitation means having a careful look at the whole complex world that revolves around patients, and the rehabilitation designer is one who seeks solutions in all its evolutionary phases, coordinating all the other professional skills necessary to achieve effectively the purpose.
The awareness of the present and the imagination of the future led me, together with two other colleagues, to think, conceive, realize and patent Q-Walk, a wearable device, for walking rehabilitation in people with neuro-degenerative diseases, like Parkinson's.

Manuel Rocco, 05/23/1988
Co-founder of QuicklyPro
Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Milan
Master in Hydrokinetic Therapy at the University of Pisa

Immediately after the academic course I immediately started working at a professional rehabilitation studio and then, in 2014, passing a polyclinic to increase my skills. In 2015/2016, to implement my knowledge, I started a master's degree in Aquatic Therapy at the University of Pisa completing the course with the highest grade. Now I am approaching the treatment of people with Parkinson's disease and in 2018, together with 2 of my colleagues, we founded QuicklyPro srl to study and implement our own project. Currently, in addition to being the scientific consultant of this company, I deal with rehabilitation and in September I will finish my training in global postural re-education with Professor Philippe Souchard. In addition, in 2019, I am a lecturer at the Humanitas University of an elective course in Hydrokinesitherapy. I am a sociable boy who loves sports: in fact I practice skiing, under and jogging. At work I am a meticulous person and always ready for change, in comparison and a questioning.
In my future I would like to improve the project with QuicklyPro to be able to help in a concrete way.

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