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Seta: tecnologia made in Zagarolo
Seta: tecnologia made in Zagarolo

Seta: tecnologia made in Zagarolo

The "Silk: technology made in Zagarolo" project is developed in every stage: mulberry plantation, breending of silkworms, silk thread production, Italian hand craft making of items made of silk using the bobbing lace technique. The project includes search, construction, programming and developing sistem of second generation machineries needed to make silk thread. This process uses contemporary materials, automation systems and latest digital technologies: "swift" to pull silkworm’s drool, "twist machine" to give thread cohesion and strength, “pair machine” to roll two threads on distaff and "spool machine" to load thread on coils.

Seta: tecnologia made in Zagarolo

TecnoSeta srl

Established after 3 years of research carried out thanks to the support of the Sinergie Social Promotion Association of Zagarolo, TecnoSeta srl is a startup established in May 2019 with the intention of launching a process to enhance the "Silk: technology made in Zagarolo" project, accomplished with the aim of recovering the know-how almost completely lost in the field of sericulture through experimentation.
The startup consists of three partners:
- MASSIMO PROIA: administrator, responsible for the design and construction of the machinery system, responsible for the mulberry cultivation.
- ANTONELLA DELLA BELLA: project coordinator, responsible for the administrative and organizational management of the startup.
- MADDALENA MARIANI: responsible for silkworm breeding and production system (with specialization in reeling), curator of project calls.

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