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Una stampante 3D per ogni Ospedale
Una stampante 3D per ogni Ospedale

Una stampante 3D per ogni Ospedale

The Medics project stems from the lack of tools to better plan surgery, where today the standard is the study of two-dimensional representations of the patient's anatomy, such as Tac or Magnetic Resonance. Thanks to technological evolution, it becomes possible to create three-dimensional representations that allow to visualize in detail the anatomy and the problem of the patient and that can be digitally visualized and used to create anatomical physical replicas thanks to the use of 3D printers, placed directly in the hospital structure and managed remotely by our technicians, collaborating with the structure's staff.

Una stampante 3D per ogni Ospedale

Leandro Basso, Diego Manfrin, Andrea Andolfi, Andrea Bellin

Graduated in 2015 in Design and Visual Communication at the Polytechnic of Turin, I have always had a great passion for all the way of technology and for science fiction. Always linked to hobbies such as modeling, painting and "building things", 3D printing has been the natural evolution of this passion. Always fascinated by the medical world, I took the opportunity to merge interests by dedicating myself to the Medics project.
I have more than 15 years of succesful sales & marketing experience in the orthopedic medical device industry.
To help patients regain their lives more quickly and fully, we work with healthcare professionals on emerging new technologies and techniques.
Strong relationships with healthcare professionals are fundamental to our business. To earn their trust and confidence we know we must always behave with absolute integrity.
In twenty years of work experience in close contact with doctors, the constant search for Quality, Reliability, Professionalism and Service are the foundations of our work.
The market and customers, the cement that allows us to consolidate and grow our realities every day. The acquired image, result of our work, clearly represents how Passion and Seriousness are fundamental to be a reference icon.

  A18 (pav. 6) - Diego Manfrin, Giuseppe Isu

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