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Riso per l'architettura
Riso per l'architettura

Riso per l'architettura

RiceHouse focuses on the valorisation of secondary raw materials that derive from rice production and configures, with a high level of sustainability, as a new vehicle of innovation.
From the field to the house, the residuals that derive from rice cultivation, are transformed into products for a sustainable construction, following a new ethical and technological pattern that is aimed at regenerating the building into life-living organism.
The house represents the primary junction for a new equilibrium between men and nature, and assumes for men the function of a third skin.

Riso per l'architettura

Tiziana Monterisi Architetto

Architect Tiziana Monterisi is an active and responsive ambassador of the natural and the bio-architecture, and promotes new housing models that are viable alternative to the use of petroleum materials, for the creation of an Architecture ethically, culturally, technically and deeply committed to transform the land, the city and the house into a life-living organism.
Sensitive regarding the cultural divulgation of the ethical aspects linked to her profession, she collaborates with public and private agencies and is visiting professor at colleges and universities such as the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin and Supsi in Switzerland.
From 2007 to 2016 she was a managing director of the architectural department of “Cittadellarte Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto” embracing the cause: "Inspire and produce responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects".
From 2008 to 2016, by combining the vision of master Michelangelo Pistoletto with her ability and professionality they managed the company “Novacivitas: New live living organisms”, that promoted the use of natural construction materials. During this period, though courses and self-construction she approached the world of straw buildings and the agricultural waste one and discovered different techniques and the exceptional properties of these materials.
That experience allowed her to develop highly professional and entrepreneur skills and to construct buildings with energy efficiency higher than the consumption,
with zero environmental impact and limited ecological footprint.
In 2015, together with a group of professionals particularly interested in use of straw buildings she co-founded "Promopaglia" the Italian association devoted to the promotion and dissemination of straw materials in the architecture, inspired by the growth of the straw culture. Tiziana is currently the director of the association.
In 2016 she founded the company “RiceHouse”, an innovative start-up that its primary objective is to develop building products and services in the field of the natural construction, with attention to the use of by-products of the rice agri-food residual production. The materials are highly efficient in terms of energy and acoustic performance, completely natural and derive from short-supply chain. The materials are present on the European market and various buildings were already constructed using the RH materials and techniques.
In 2018 the company won first price for innovative start- up at Klima House, Good Energy Award and Award for sustainable development. In 2019 the company won the price for start-up of the year at ING Challenge.

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