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BikerTop, la prima copertura mobile per biciclette
BikerTop, la prima copertura mobile per biciclette

BikerTop, la prima copertura mobile per biciclette

Urban transportation continues to move towards eco-friendly alternatives, such as e-bikes, bikes and e-scooters. Yet these methods of transportation lack a solution when faced with bad weather. BikerTop® is the worlds first portable solution that provides an instant shield against rain while commuting on your bike. The system stores compactly in the front handle bar and can be detached when good weather is abundant.
“With BikerTop® we aim to increase the use of bicycles even more throughout the whole year and in all weather conditions.” - Diego Divenuto, Inventor of BikerTop®
How does it work?
BikerTop® is made up of a cover stored in a bag/top case positioned on the bicycle, in front of the handlebars. The cover opens above the bicycle in just a few seconds, providing a shelter from the rain during journeys.
This is a technical solution that we have recently patented in Italy and in the next months, once the verification procedures have been completed, we will then extend the patent internationally.
BikerTop® is the only cover system that allows instant opening and closing almost like an umbrella for your bike.
The BikerTop® benefits:
1. Simple to use: Designed to be easily used by anyone
2. Quick Protection: Opens and closes within 10 to 15 seconds
3. Safe and Sturd: Protects cyclist from the rain and guarantees stability on the road
4. Aesthetically beautiful: Enhances a fashionable look to your bicycle or e-bike
So far we have already built some initial prototypes using rapid prototyping with 3D printing technology. We are currently testing BikerTop® with potential customers and with laboratory tests (e.g. TÜV SÜD) to certify and approve the final product.
BikerTop® began to attract attention in 2017 by being among the finalists of the “Start Up Euregio” award in Innsbruck, Austria. It then won the “Seed Money” call from the Autonomous Province of Trento, and obtained a first funding.
In October 2018 it was selected to participate as a start-up to the first edition of the ’Festival dello Sport’, organized in Trento in collaboration with the newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.
The product development is currently taking place in Italy, within the incubator ‘Progetto Manifattura’ of Trentino Sviluppo.
The launch of BikerTop® is scheduled in 2019 at the Eurobike fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany (September 4-7, 2019), and via Indiegogo (Crowdfunding platform).

BikerTop, la prima copertura mobile per biciclette

Smart Mobility Solutions S.r.l.

Diego Divenuto, entrepreneur with a focus on innovative projects. Founder of Smart Mobility Solutions and co-inventor of BikerTop®. He is also trainer, coach and business consultant.

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