Exhibitors 2019

Sound & light
Sound & light

Sound & light

Exhibition of innovative products in the field of music, which exploit FabLab and photonics technologies, born in the context of "Physics and sound" in collaboration with IFN CNR and FabLab Latina: "Magic Dress" (concert dress with lights and colors connected to the singer's voice, winner of the first prize of the "Photonics Challenge 2019", European Project Phablabs 4.0), Light Guitar, Light Drum, The Sound Drawer, Bright Strings.
These projects allowed the creation of a concert-show.

Sound & light

4 AM Liceo Statale "A. Manzoni" di Latina

4th year of Liceo Musicale "A. Manzoni" Latina

  D15 (pav. 5) - Liceo Statale A. Manzoni - Latina (LT)

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