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PLASMA TECHMED is a business proposal to exploit the full capabilities of an innovative biomedical tool: the Plasma Coagulation Controller (PCC). PCC is the result of three years research project that involves University of Catanzaro and Consorzio RFX (Padova).
PCC is a portable medical device prototype specifically designed for acting locally on wounds and haemorrhages to get a fast blood coagulation and disinfection with no pain for patients.
PCC aims to address the beneficial effects of the so called “plasma medicine” to situations in which normal coagulation process may not work properly or sufficiently rapid. The device is small, potentially cheap and acts rapidly without interfering with any pharmacologic therapy.



Gianluca De Masi

Gianluca De Masi (PhD, MBA) is a plasma physicist working since 2007 in the field of nuclear fusion at Consorzio RFX in Padova. In 2015 he also attended a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at
Politecnico di Milano. In 2015 he started collaborating in the first Italian group on Plasma Medicine
participating in the development of a first patented plasma medicine tool for ophthalmologic
applications. Since 2017 is the main investigator of the research project “A novel plasma medicine tool
for accelerated haemostasis” hosted by Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences at University of

  A17 (pav. 7) - University of catanzaro

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