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The smart headwear

The smart headwear

The smart headwear allows tetraplegics to use technology only with the movements of one’s head. In this way is possible for them to open a door or to navigate on Internet without the help of another.
Through a Bluetooth connection the headwear can be connect to other devices and replace a mouse for using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone; can drive an home automation system or allow a children to play with a radio-controlled toy car.

The smart headwear

Hiteg group in collaboration with SinAlfa s.r.l.

HITEG group:
Established in 2007, the group is actively involved in several research projects in collaboration with both other academic groups (department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, …) and external companies (Inail, Italian Space Agency – ASI, SinAlfa s.r.l., …).

SinAlfa s.r.l.:
The know-how developed in public and private fields makes Sinalfa leading the sector of Engineering, Training, Workers Safety, Security and Company Management consulting.
Sinalfa is a designer and a manufacturer of complex structures in the field of Visual Communication and of Smart Civil Security, giving to customers professional services and products. Sinalfa ensures a complete “Made in Italy” process, in terms of quality and flexibility

  A21 (pav. 7) - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

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