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Alla ricerca di un’economia sostenibile.  Tecnologie e modelli di regolazione sociale

Alla ricerca di un’economia sostenibile. Tecnologie e modelli di regolazione sociale

There are clear signs that in recent years, processes of technological change and poorly governed economic growth have generated unsustainable dynamics both at the environmental and social level. Universities are called upon to contribute to developing technological and social regulation solutions capable of reorienting growth in sustainable terms. UNICAS has always operated in this perspective and has developed both technological solutions in the field of sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and environmental monitoring and models of intervention in the social field, able to respond in an integrated manner to some of the major challenges and emergencies environmental and social issues. The stand that will host UNICAS within the Maker Faire is based on a "demonstration" approach and will be dedicated to three projects with strong interdisciplinary contents that propose solutions in the technological and social field:
1. Sustainability and performance: technologies for motorsport 2.0
2. Technological and social innovation for the non self-sufficient elderly. A transdisciplinary project
3. The smart home 2.0

Entrepreneurship can be a fundamental driver of processes of technological and social change oriented towards sustainability. For this reason, in addition to the three projects listed, the stand will host three examples of entrepreneurial initiatives with a strong environmental and social value born and / or incubated within the University: EGG-O, Sociallending and Dom Terry Agrisolution.

Alla ricerca di un’economia sostenibile.  Tecnologie e modelli di regolazione sociale


Maurizio Esposito is associate professor (Hab. 1st band) of General Sociology and Methodology of Social Planning at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. President of the Degree Courses in Social Work and scientific director of the Social Research Laboratory in the same University, he currently directs the Master in "Complex Organizations, Social Innovation and Fundraising Management". Holder of the Chair of "Health Policies" at the LUISS University Guido Carli. He has been dealing for years with issues related to the sociology of deviance and health, with particular reference to the vital worlds of social marginalization, inequalities and vulnerable sections of the population. He is author and editor, among other things, of the publications: Giovani al margin, ESI, Napoli 1998; Camorra men. The social construction of deviant identity, FrancoAngeli, Milan 2004; Malati in carcere, FrancoAngeli, Milan 2007, Il Doppio Fardello. Narrations of solitude and illness of prisoners, Cedam Padua, 2016. Participates in the editorial board of national and international scientific journals. He has also published several articles and contributions on prestigious and referenced international scientific journals.

Giuseppe Tomasso is associate professor in Converters, Electric Drives Machines at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. He is the Scientific Manager of the Industrial Automation Laboratory of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. Founder of the Spin-off companies: Enertronica Engineering, Greenergy (of which he currently holds the position of President), Power On Demand, Coordinator of the European School of Research Doctorates: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Energy Control and Power Systems. He is Technical Officer Invitalia and is the author of over 120 international publications in journals and conference proceedings and 4 patents in the field of power electronics and electric vehicles
From 2018 he is responsible for several research and development projects in the field of electric mobility, motorsport, last mile logistics.

Fabrizio Marignetti graduated in electrical engineering at the University of Naples 'Federico II' in 1993 and 1998. In 1998 he joined the University of Cassino, where he is currently associate professor of electronic converters of power, electric machines and drives and has taught in the courses of electric machines, electric vehicles, generators and converters for renewable energy. His research interests concern the design, analysis and digital control of electrical machines. Prof Marignetti is the managing director of the spin-off company LEDA, Laboratorio di Elettrodisa Marignetti has won three awards for his research activity.

Alessandra Sannella is a professor of Sociology and Social Policies at the University of Cassino. He is also Professor of Sociology (in agreement) at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy - Sapienza University of Rome. His scientific interests concern sustainable development, international migration, health, global health policies, violence. He is the Contact for the University of Cassino of the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS) and Coordinator of the University Committee for Sustainable Development (CASe). She is the author of numerous publications both internationally and nationally, among the most recent on the theme of Sustainable Development see: Sannella A. Finocchi R., (2019) (edited by), Connections for sustainable development. The activities of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. EdU. Cassino; for the types of Franco Angels, see: Maciocia L., Sannella A., (2018) (edited by), Crescere sustainable and in salute. Tools for promotion and development, Sannella A. (2019). "Sustainable development and social innovation for health promotion" in Esposito M. Sannella A. Social innovation in health policies. Health and Society magazine. 2/19. pp. 68-82.

Erika Ottaviano received the Master Degree summa cum laude in 1998 and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering on Feb. 2002. Since 2014, she got the National Scientific Habilitation as Associate Professor. Since 2014, she is project evaluator of national and international research projects. Since 2011 she is member of the Editorial Board of the Int. Jnl. of Advanced Robotic Systems, INTECH Open Access Pub., since 2012, she is Editor of Journal of Imaging and Robotics, Associate Editor of Journal of Applied Science Acta Polytechnica Hungarica (2015). Since 2013, she is member of the Editorial Board of the Scientific World Jnl., Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Mechanical Engineering. Associate Editor of Medical Robotics, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (IJARS) (2019). Since 2004 she is member of the IFToMM Tech. Committee for Computational Kinematics. She was Program Committee member for the following International conferences: CK 2013, ICEBE 2014, Controlo 2016, Helix 2018. Editor of the book titled “Mechatronics for Cultural Heritage and Civil Engineering (86726336)”, Series Title: Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, Springer. Her research interests are Mechanics, Robotics, and Mechanical Design. She is author and co-author of more than 170 papers published in Books, Proceedings of Conferences or in Journals.

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