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Tatò is an orientation toy based on sounds and tactile surfaces: it is composed of a tactile chessboard designed on two different levels and a piece to be maneuvered. A voice will help our player to move, randomly on the keyboard, while every three steps will be offered sounds to recognize and associate with our tactile cards; at this point the player will have to insert the chosen card in the reader and based on the answer the course will continue or stop until the solution to reach the end of the course is found. Tatò has three difficulty levels and a default level, an internal drawer that encloses the cards and an aux socket to play with headphones.


Lorenzo Arnold, Matteo Brencic, Caterina Lauri, Bernardo Prempe, Edoardo Trombini

Lorenzo Arnold born 13 August 1998; leaving in Milan is a product design student from IED.
Matteo Brencic born 6 December 1994; leaving in Milan is a product design student from IED.
Caterina Lauri born 25 April 1998; leaving in Pavia is a product design student from IED.
Bernardo Prempe born 16 January 1990; leaving in Milan, is the CEO of Akrasi Interior design, and a product design student from IED.
Edoardo Trombini born 14 June 1996; leaving in Lacchiarella (Milan) is a prduct design student from IED

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