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PlanPact: merito individuale, più risultati in gruppo!

PlanPact: merito individuale, più risultati in gruppo!

PlanPact is a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform. It provides portions of intellectual property to people who work in groups while carrying out activities: it is a dynamic system, in itinere, for the calculation of intellectual property guaranteed by DLT technologies. Based on the freedom of choice, the platform offers the possibility to choose the merit calculation rules, through the widest range of possibilities to meet the needs of each type of project. In this way, Planpact stimulates the widest participation of people interested in the project, favors the search for professionals to complete partial or minimal teams and, therefore, favors the launch of start-ups or business networks that need internal and external support to reach the results or significantly increase the performances.
Moreover, through a simple dashboard, anyone can find, invite or accept professionals registered to the platform to participate in the work group and feed the work of the team with new contributions or with new members attracted by the possibility of obtaining intellectual property shares of the project

PlanPact: merito individuale, più risultati in gruppo!

Luigi Palmiero, Roberta Guerini, Giuseppe Modaffari

Luigi Palmiero – Project Manager
Freelance journalist since 2003, he has specialized in the public communication management and has designed and implemented online communication campaigns for large public and private institutions. After PhD studies, in Public Policy Analisys at Politecnico di Milano, he deepened works about decision-making processes, particularly regarding the changes introduced by the Web. Currently he is an Official of the Ministry of Justice and coordinates the “ArticoloVentisette” Agenzy to promote social inclusion in Italian labour market.

Keivan Tahami Golpaigani – Developer
Degree in “Computer Science and Technology for the production of Software”. I am specializing in the programming language PHP, I developed e-commerce, forums, CMS (Content Management System). The programming languages known are: PHP 5.4, JAVA, C, C ++, CSS, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, HTML, while the environments databases are: MySQL, Oracle. I gained different work experience in various companies in the IT sector in Italy. I made management software for online music sharing, for managing websites, real estate portals and geo-referencing. In 2013 I founded with other partners the webagency Farweb where I was “Head of Development”.

Roberta Guerini - Communication and strategic planner
Responsible for Strategic Control of a large public administration. Publicist journalist. For PlanPact she deals with strategic planning and product promotion. She plans and executes, together with partners from industry professionals, the Marketing and Communications strategies on the basis of the executive's plan, with Luigi, indicating the priority of actions with respect to circumstances and available resources.

Antonio Cariello – Graphic
Since September 2009, I deal with Web Design and Graphic Design as a freelancer. My training took place as part of Marketing. I graduated in Marketing and Communication at the University of Bari and then I have a Master in Marketing at the School of Education Spegea Manager Bari. Internships and work experiences have allowed me to study issues relating to Business Communication, to specialize in Graphic Design and implementation of websites. To date, I have assets of a portfolio of 30 different sites. In 2013 I founded with other partners the webagency Farweb where I was “Seo & Web Adv strategist”.

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