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Emotionwear: emozioni indossabili
Emotionwear: emozioni indossabili

Emotionwear: emozioni indossabili

Emotionwear mission is dual: to give the emotion of wearing a unique dress and offering the possibility of communicating with non-verbal messages through lights and colors.
Emotionwear dresses use motion sensors and software processing to communicate the wearer’s emotions through a non-verbal language made of colors and light games.
The collection is a combination of aspects such as: digital fabrication, open source software for modeling, design, 3D printing on fabric, electronics and body language study. In fact, electronic collects and processes the data coming from the human body and translates them into visual effects.

Emotionwear: emozioni indossabili

Team EmotionWear: Sara Savian, Alessadra Trestini, Mauro Alfieri

Milano based designer and maker. As former student of Fashion design at Milano Politecnico University and Textile designer at Wien’s Applied Art University, I work as freelance in fashion education, autoproduction, social and ethical fashion fields.
I consider myself a curious person. I like to study and get deeper knowledge.
Thanks to my resourceful father, I approached the world of electronics at the age of ten. In 2010 I discovered arduino and its community and I started to write my experiments on a blog page. Currently my main occupations are Linux administrator, teacher, blogger and maker on wearable projects.
During the academic years I started sewing by chance … from an evening hobby, it became a passion first and my profession now. I got a degree in patternmaking in Milan after graduating in design. I believe and support the quality of Made in Italy and values ​​of an ethical fashion.

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