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Logic Blocks
Logic Blocks

Logic Blocks

The project “logic blocks” has been studied in order to help people, above all children who have relationship or social integration problems, to learn or study something new. It consists of a wooden support which allows a reclining table, divided into six tracks, to move. Six blocks can easily slide on it: they have to be put in a certain order by the child (it depends on what is represented on them), then, reclining the table thanks to a generator, an engine and connections, the order is checked by the person in front of the child. The structure works thanks to the cooperation of two or more people, but, in order not to make the child feel judged, it is possible to use a NAO, a robot that, thanks to sensors, can check the order.

Logic Blocks

Scuola: I.I.S. Vittorio Bachelet Nome Gruppo: HighVoltage

Our group is composed by five students of the same age (2001) who attend the same school: Aldeghi Richard, Castelluccio Dario, Celedi Samuele, Montanelli Matteo and Pittiglio Lorenzo.
We started working on that project in order to join the robotic competition NaoChallenge 2019 and, with the support of our teacher and the judges, we decided to continue our work, signing up for that exposition.
Being friends, our group is well coordinated and we succeeded in doing and developing the project in an efficient way. We are students at scientific high school Vittorio Bachelet, placed in Oggiono (near Lecco, Lombardy), and, despite our efforts, we came across some difficulties because we had not the necessary knowledge to sort out few problems: no one of us had high level abilities in informatics or in programming. However, with study and never giving up, we reached the objective of finishing the project.
Our objective is based on the creation of a structure to be proud of and that could also be used as a learning toy for children.

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