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Sweeties HandMade

My gourmet boxes are born from handcrafted containers of different shapes and reuse, like ricotta jars that become Cupcakes.
I twist pannolenci and felt by combining other raw materials with these fabrics, making them unrecognizable for the use for which they were originally born…
I bake Charlotte (sewn biscuits covered with glass sand) and Sacher (brown pannolenci soaked in colored glue).
This year fondant and milk chocolate eggs were born from re-used boxes covered with fommy and decorated with cake design, using colored hot glue, handmade flowers and special shapes to embellish them.

Sweeties HandMade

Marzia Grammatico

I approached the world of Craft thanks to my aptitude for the social… The art in some way belongs to me has always… Since childhood I am passionate about the piano, I graduated from the Conservatory and then in music therapy .
After various experiences as an animator Dj in summer villages  I decide to go back to Italy to practice what I've studied , in addition to attending various training courses including the sociosanitary operator course. Just working in psychiatry have landed
Art therapy and ultimately to the creation of objects as an expression of my creativity. For some years I have also discovered a passion , that of sweet true bakery , but above all… fake !
I found my true identity encountering a fantastic Japanese book and it became a master of my creative "life", which motivated me to carry on my little project to share!
And this project is being enriched with new nuances and facets, I am sensitive to everything that surrounds me and I take inspiration from everything that attracts me at that moment…
For some time now I have also been part of the Pro Loco of my country and in all our events I always put all of myself in it, my imagination and creativity never leave me!
After the experience of reproducing the real donut Ciambella, a typical Italian Guelph sweet, which intrigued passers-by, and the design and creation of the Ciambò Mascot, which represents the essence of the festival (historic Wine and Italian donut Ciambella Festival in Castel Guelfo), a slice of Italian donut ciambella with a glass of wine in hand (made by twisting different materials such as foam rubber, fommy etc…), obtaining a result that has deeply amused the public of all ages, this year I co-organized the 1st Bologna Contest Body Painting creating highly elaborated multi-level cake in cake design and customizing every detail.
As a true lover of makers and novelties, my personality is constantly evolving and influenced by every single sensation that surrounds me…

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