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Rainbow Project MkII
Rainbow Project MkII

Rainbow Project MkII

Rainbow Project is a creation of an 8 bit Single Board Computer (SBC) from scratch. It uses a Zilog Z80 CPU and was designed and built from basic components. Last year we presented our first prototype (MkI) running a basic assembly demo program, showing instruction execution and presenting results on a small 16X2 LCD. This year, our MkII prototype extends the capabilities:

- Allows for peripheral cards to be added (has an expansion bus)
- Displays graphics and text on a real computer monitor, using a Raspberry PI based graphics card we designed
- Adds a hex keyboard for interactivity
- Runs an interactive computing knowledge game

Rainbow Project MkII

2nd Junior High School of Chania / SchoolSpace Team

The Rainbow Project team consists of:

- Manolis Kiagias (teacher)
- Nikos Koutsonikolis (high school student)
- Giorgos Papadakis (high school student)
- Eftichios Giakoumakis (high school student)
- Giannis Papadokokolakis (junior high school student)

  A22 (pav. 5) - 2nd Junior High School of Chania - Chania (Greece)

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