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Clothing Lights
Clothing Lights

Clothing Lights

Recently fashion system has been influenced by new technology and also the most important brands of luxury have proposed Hi-tech devices applied to their products.
"Clothing Linghs" is a project realized by some students of "A. Castigliano" Fashion Istitute from Asti. They made dresses with integration of LED technology to create interactive clothes and beautiful light effects. The inspiration of this project is born during a lesson about "smart dress" concept. The students created a lot of sketches and three of these became real proposals for the final catwalk of Istitute.

Clothing Lights

4 M - IIS "A. Castigliano" Asti - "Clothing Lights" team

The team is composed five girls: Martina, Alice, Giorgia, Valeria and Francesca. They worked together with a group of elettronic students in order to find the best solution for the integration of LED devices into the cloth.

  A12 (pav. 5) - IIS A. Castigliano - Asti (AT)

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