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All your space, in a small space ..
A single touch can revolutionize the way we live and travel.
- It can make you forget the lost hours to find an order to the clothes to carry in your suitcase, to give you all the space you've always dreamed of.
- It can protect your world, while you carry it with you, thanks to the space-saving envelopes.
Easy-Travel is your new travel companion: a practical vacuum generator, an aspirator able to make every journey a pure moment of pleasure.
Practical, powerful, handy: connect the adapter and Easy-Travel will suck the air out of the space-saving envelope, creating a perfect vacuum.
No more sacrifices: now there is a new ally able to redefine the capacity of your suitcase and to aspire all your worries related to disorder and space. In a short time your luggage will be neatly packed into a vacuum, ready to follow you wherever you are headed.
When the moment of return arrives, there comes also the disorder and the fear of bringing it home with him. The Easy-Travel system eliminates this risk and also allows you to separate dirty clothes from clean, so as to safeguard the freshness of the luggage. Even your new purchases and souvenirs for your friends will be comfortable and protected, ready to be put directly into their hands.
The suitcase can be equipped with:
- GPS, so as to keep the precise position of the suitcase under control. Now you can avoid loss and theft thanks to this added security.
- a pressure sensor placed under the feet of the suitcase, which allows us to know the weight of your luggage once closed, directly from your smartphone using the dedicated application


Del Vecchio Gianluca- Daniele Leone classe IV AE - ITIS " G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

the project was born to facilitate the way of traveling

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