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AstroMakers del passato: Sole e orologi solari

AstroMakers del passato: Sole e orologi solari

AstroMakers were around even 3000 years ago! They used to build tools to measure the Earth and to keep track of time.
If you would like a clock that doesn’t need recharging, or a perpetual calendar without a computer, in this project you will learn how to use one. Moreover, by doing so, you will have the chance to learn better how the Sun and the Earth dance together, every day, every year.
You will learn how to use the Ptolemy’s Plinth, the “Parallel Globe”, a solar clock, and how to build a sundial.


AstroMakers del passato: Sole e orologi solari

Unione Astrofili Italiani

The "Unione Astrofili Italiani" (UAI - Italian Amateur Astronomers Union), a no-profit association, has been the national reference of amateur astronomers, both as individuals and local associations, since 1967. With a broad set of research teams, a calendar of national public events around astronomy, a network of 56 local delegations, UAI is at the heart of the amateur astronomers’ community. Research programs cover all amateur astronomy research fields, with links and collaborations with professional astronomers and with international research programs. UAI is also very focused on astronomy popularization, education support and dark skies preservation.

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