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Tournée is a table for wheelchairs designed to be portable, with correct dimensions, easy and quick to fold. It is entirely printed in 3D, and can be customized to meet various needs and situations.
At the moment there is nothing like it on the market, and many tables are bulky and difficult to transport. There are tilting versions but they depend on the type of wheelchair.
Tour is also unique because it adapts to many models of wheelchairs.


Francesco Rodighiero (Tutor), Daniela Meroni (Co-design & Testing), Anisia Lauditi (Making), Alberto Ghirardello (Design), Rossella Indaco (Making)

Hackability@Milano is a team made up of people with various skills: architects, designers, programmers, makers, biomechanical engineers, enthusiasts and rehabilitation and treatment experts.

  A16 (pav. 6) - Hackability, Associazione Senza Fine di Lucro

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