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Silence Box
Silence Box

Silence Box

The idea of this project is born during a travel into the mountains, in Trentino Alto Adige / Sudtirol, in a natural context. Nature is considered as source of inspiration and also the natural habitat for this craftwork. As natural elements give shape to the objects we are surrounded, also the sides of this stool are modelled with a parametric design system which creates casual holes, almost natural. Silence perceived during the first moments of the hiking trip, comes into a shape and gives character to the front side of thi object, reminding the natural rhythm: stressed movements and short breaks, slow, silent. Modelling the structure, in its simplicity, consider the mountain profiles and becomes part of it, with a slope surface. The edges of the stool are thought as thin sheets, made by laminated steel 2 mm thick, with a brownish colour, almost rusty, and leave the light naturally coming out through the holes all the way around. The idea is made on porpouse rough, coming from the natural landscape. The natural imperfections of the object, become its main character and give it a high touch.

Silence Box

Alessio Coco AR+

Architecture and Design is my great passion since I was studying at the technical lyceum.

I started studying Constructions Engineering and Architecture in Brescia university, then I've switched to Construction Architecture in Milano, Italy, where I've completed the bachelor in 2014. Following my passions, I'm working on architectural projects since I'm 20, doing different jobs to fund my studies.

In 2015 I've joined the N.G.O. Nka Foundation and a group of american students, which developed the construction of a house in the Abetenim Arts Village, near Kumasi, Ghana.

Learning by doing is great, I'm so lucky to have tried this experience.

After the african experience, in 2015 I've continued to improve my graphic skills and then I've moved to Australia in 2016, to do another great experience.
I highly recommend the backpacker's experience once in a lifetime to everyone. We become better persons and appreciate everything more.

Back to Italy since july 2017, I'm working as Digital Architect and Graphic Designer, earning new skills daily and setting new goals for new experiences in the future months.

As I said, I've got many experiences, cooperating with and caring about the workmates.

In a design process, I always put my best efforts to mix together many different aspects: research on the concept, materials expression, use of shapes and lights, to reach a suitable result and give to the others the best option.

I really believe that architecture is not an expression of personal style.

The real purpose is to create a better living environment for people.

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