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Cleep is the 13 MP camera you can wear like a bracelet, it allow you to take photo and videos directly from your wrist easily and hands free.

The 150° wide angle lens allow you to shot pictures without the use of a screen instead
the integrated accelerometer recognize the arm movements and let’s Cleep automatically turns on. You can shot a pictures with a tap button on your wrist.

Pictures were saved in the internal memory and shared with smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-fi thanks to the apposite app.

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( Cleep also track your fitness activity during the day and receive smart notifications from the smartphone about calls, messages and reminders.)


Cleep Team

Giulio Cesarelli has 5 year experience in digital startup and he is going to graduate in Economy and management studies in Italy. He founded a business consulting agency: ww.iDooLab.it where offers coaching activities for the ones who want to release their business ideas in the digital era supporting the project from the design step until the last release.

Giuseppe Caccavale is an electronic engineer student and he has some different and strategic in skill in design hardware & software project. He developed DanyBoard: an open-source electronic prototyping platform equipped with an MCU 32-bit ARM cortex M0+, Wi-Fi and microSD reader. www.danyboard.com

He worked for many industrial projects, and 3 years became the CTO at Cleep, designign hardware and software for Cleep

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