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The MagikCube originates from an idea that came to us to have a normal-sized Rubik’s cube automatically solve itself. Right from the beginning we realized how difficult this would be seeing as all the components necessary for the movement and control occupied all the space of a normal cube. Therefore we decided to enlarge the cube to reach the optimal dimensions. The analysis of the spaces was carried out using Adobe Fusion 360, with which we were able to virtually assemble the various components, both structural and hardware. We therefore proceeded with the creation of the cube using a 3D printer. The material used for printing was white PLA and the printer used was a Geeetech Prusa I3 b, with which we printed the 4 different pieces in the necessary quantities. On average, each print took more than five hours and each piece has a 30% infill. Once the various pieces were printed, they were then polished. This was a process that took a very long time but it was necessary in order to have an efficient sliding mechanism in the cube. All the internal components (motors, drivers, ESP32 and battery) were placed on an internal support which also served as an internal frame, to which all the six central pieces of the faces were connected by hooking them to the motors.
One of the easiest steps was to make the system function: the cube interacts with the laptop’s bluetooth via the ESP32 where one of the necessary programs runs. The computer processes it and then sends the cube signals to perform the necessary moves - the cube’s drivers rotate the engines in order to accomplish these moves and solve the cube. Inside the cube, everything is powered by an 11.1V battery, which allows a fair amount of autonomy.


Classe 4A e classe 3B dell'IIS "Marconi Pieralisi" di Jesi

Presentazione del gruppo (Inglese): Our group was brought together not only because we go to the same school or because we have the same passions but also thanks to a fantastic and deep friendship that has kept us united for a number of years now. We started out with simple technology-based projects and, over time, with the support of various professors, we were able to accomplish more difficult tasks, increasing our skills also in subjects that weren’t included in our school programs. In fact, in the implementation of our project, we not only used our IT abilities but we also had to learn and apply skills in electronics, wiring and mechanics / mechatronics for motors and 3D printing.
The group consists of six people, all of them born in the years 2001 and 2002. We go to the IIS MARCONI PIERALISI Technical Superior School and we definitely enjoy these projects because they’re the best part about going to school!

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