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Vivì Creations
Vivì Creations

Vivì Creations

The project that I present to you concerns the creation of animals and natural subjects through textile sculpture, using natural or recycled materials. I choose fabrics obtained from natural wools such as mohair or alpaca obtained in respect of animals, or cotton fabrics found in markets or sold by acquaintances, filled with natural fibers or sawdust.
Love for nature and its elements are the main topic. The realization of the artifacts takes place mainly through the work of the hands, as in the past, and where the hands fail and the work becomes too tiring then my little sewing machine runs to help. Nothing is done in series, every object is unique, this is because our life is unique.

Vivì Creations

Viviana Pisanelli

Born in Rome I live in Cerveteri, cradle of the Etruscan civilization. I obtained a diploma in art as an architectural designer and interior decorator, then my love for my territory led me to attend the ceramics school and restoration of ancient ceramics. I design and create my works in a small room / laboratory in which I put tools and materials and where the plasticity acquired by the processing of ceramics blends with the softness of the fabrics giving life to plastic objects such as animals and plants or fantastic subjects.

  H15 (pav. 3) - Viviana Pisanelli

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