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SBP Game

SBP Game

Purpose of the game is to develop players knowledge about safe behaviour in the internet. This game is made for basic school students (aged 7+). In this game two teams take part. Both team has their own colour game bases, on which they have to collect same coloured shapes which are put on different places on the game board. Game buttons are Bee-Bot robots, which are easily programmable. Both team has a quiz about safe behaviour in the internet opened from their smart device. Answering right or wrong depending on their answer they get to move on. Teams have to find the fastest route to collect all the shapes from the game board and also the fastest route to the opponent team start point. On the game board there are different squares with activities which prevent or help to move on. Wins the team who has collected all the shapes and gotten first on the opponent’s starting point.
B - Board. The game is similar to the board game which has a game board, game buttons and a dice (questions).
S - Smart. For the game dice are questions which open in your smart device, and answering to those you can move on.
P- Programming. Every team game button is a Bee-Bot robot, which you have to program to move closer to your destination.
GAME- Game is like every other game – exciting, enthusiastic and instructive.

BSP Game instructions:
Ages: 7+
Number of teams: 2 (3 members per team maximum)
Contents: Gameboard, 2 smaller gameboards, 10 geometric figures, 2 smart devices, 2 Bee-Bot Robots, 2 informative cards for programing the Bee-Bot Robot
Estimated time of play: 15-30 minutes
Game Setup:
Form 2 teams of at least 1 player. Equally assign(?) the smaller gameboards and geometric figures to both teams. Lay the geometric figures on the gameboard so there will be no more than one figure on a square. Every team has a smart device from where they can open up the quiz. Meet the Bee-Bot Robot. To start the game, visit this page: http://bit.ly/manguke.
Collect all of your team’s geometric figures by using the shortest trip possible. Try to get to the starting point of the other team first!
Game Play:
Each team takes turns answersing the questions and making moves. The first team begins by answering a wuestion shown on their smart device. Answering a question correctly awards them with 3 steps ahead. Answering a question incorrectly awards them with only one step ahead. Moving is made with the Bee-Bot Robot. The Bee-Bot is introduced at the beginning of the game. In case of confusion, the informative cards can help you out. The team can take earned steps in any desired direction. When you’ve reached a square where lies a geometric figure you can pick it up and place it on your small gameboard. Squares with white stars on them grant you an extra step ahead. However, squares with red crosses command you to take a step back with your Bee-Bot Robot. A yellow circle gives you the opportunity to come up with an extra task for the Bee-Bot Robot. For example, a team might have to rotate the Bee-Bot Robot 180 degrees from its original position. The author of the extra task can be either the game moderator or the opposing team. If two Bee-Bot Robots happen to step on the same square at the same time, the Bee-Bot Robot that came last has to take a step back.
How To Win:
The winning team is the team which has successfully collected all of the geometric figures onto their small gameboard. The finish line for the team is the starting point of the other team, where an award can be waiting (candy for example).
The rules can be changed to match the age or education of the players. The game can be also led by the game moderator who asks questions from both teams and checks if the answers are correct. That way the topics rmentioned in the game can be discussed with other players.
NB! The old route of the Bee-Bot Robot has to be deleted every time before inserting a new one.

SBP Game

Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, Form 12

We are Pärnu Koidula Güymnasium’s IT and modern technologies selection course students Kärt Kaljuvee (11th grade) and Künter Suve (10th grade). For ProgeTiigri “Gamemarathon” we generated idea to create our game which introduces players how to use internet safely and how to program which we put together in a boardgame we made.
We are very satisfied how the game turned out to work. Teamwork was very good which made the game making process even easier. Also we had a very good teamwork with our teacher, who helped us gladly and directed us in the right way. We find that this game is useful for everybody and everyone finds something new and exciting while playing our game. We hope that our game introduces students programming and the fun sides about robots and calls for to continue to keep dealing with this stuff

  D33 (pav. 5) - Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium - Pärnu (Estonia)

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