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RoboCup jr. Manetti Soccer Team
RoboCup jr. Manetti Soccer Team

RoboCup jr. Manetti Soccer Team

The students of our school have created a pair of soccer players Robots
with whom joined RoboCup jr. competitions in the Soccer Open category.
Robots of 22 cm in diameter and height play a football match in pairs of two against another team
in a field of about 2x1.8m with white side lines and two yellow and blue goals.
the robots recognize and chase an orange ball once captured
they try to pull it into the opponent's goal.
There are numerous technological challenges: having a 180 ° view (with self-built optical devices since
commercial activities are prohibited by the regulation), recognize thethe sidelines, capture the ball,
estimate Robot position.

RoboCup jr. Manetti Soccer Team

IISS Manetti Porciatti di Grosseto. Manetti soccer team

A group of 4 students of electornics and informatics classes. Age 16 -18

  A4 (pav. 5) - IISS Manetti - Grosseto (GR)

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