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Robot STEM Spirit - Un robot con lo spirito STEM
Robot STEM Spirit - Un robot con lo spirito STEM

Robot STEM Spirit - Un robot con lo spirito STEM

STEM Spirit is an all-in-one robot designed to bring children and teenagers closer to programming, electronics and robotics.

STEM Spirit is easy to assemble without the need for tools thanks to its external 3D printed components, which can be connected by magnetic joints.
Thanks to its visual, sound and tactile sensors it offers endless possibilities for children and young people to experiment with the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Mathematics).

STEM Spirit can move both in stand-alone mode, thanks to the program that can be loaded on the Arduino Uno board it is equipped with, and can be remotely controlled with an Android smartphone by the internal Bluetooth module.

STEM Spirit is programmable with three different environments:
- Visualino, which is a visual environment created specifically for block programming of the Arduino board. Thanks to dedicated instruction blocks, STEM Spirit programming will be a breeze.

- Mblock, which is a graphical environment based on Scratch that makes programming easy thanks to colored blocks. With Mblock the STEM Spirit robot can be programmed and can interact with animations and interactive games made.

- The Arduino IDE, which allows the most advanced users to program STEM Spirit with the C / C ++ language

The STEM spirit robot is equipped with magnetic interlocking panels that can be used to compose mazes and paths where to test navigation skills. Many code examples are also provided for each of the three compatible programming environments (Visualino, Mblock and the Arduino IDE)

The STEM Spirit project was born from the experience gained by the team in creating small autonomous 3D printed robots with sensors and actuators of different nature.

Robot STEM Spirit - Un robot con lo spirito STEM

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