Exhibitors 2019


The goal of the robot is to go to patrol areas post-calamitous events, such as an earthquake and, through the remote control, allows to examine the values related to the environmental characteristics of the place through the use of numerous sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, gas detector, laser distance sensor) with subsequent transmission of the video relative to the site being searched and image processing.



The SaettaVTQueen team, supervised by the coach Prof. Gaetano De Lorenzo includes three students (Lorenzo and Mattia belonging to the computer science orientation and Giuseppe at the electrotechnical orientation) of the IIS "Verona Trento" of Messina - Sicily-Italy. Each of them was in charge of a specific part of the project, in particular Lorenzo took care of the social aspect related to communication, Mattia developed the software and Giuseppe assembled the mechanical and electronic components of the hardware.

  D44 (pav. 5) - IIS VERONA TRENTO - Messina (MS)

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