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Vela ombreggiante avvolgibile
Vela ombreggiante avvolgibile

Vela ombreggiante avvolgibile

Velara srl ​​was established as an innovative startup in 2018 with the aim of developing new products for solar protection for outdoor spaces and becoming a reference point in the market for innovative shading systems. Founder and Administrator, Arch. Romano Lucarini has developed more than thirty years of experience in the awning, pergolas and pergotende market. The product development team is built by both technicians and assembly workers with decades of experience in the industry.
On the market, there have been solutions for roller-blind sails for years, developed mainly in the markets of central and northern Europe. In Italy these solutions have had a development in alternate phases. Several manufacturers have offered products, even interesting ones, but they have not consolidated their presence. Some came from the nautical sails market, others are large producers of awnings that have acquired know-how from producers abroad, but have not been able to translate the solutions into an interesting proposal both economically and in production management, which requires specific modalities, very different from those of mass production of awnings. The recent exit from this market of two leading companies is only the last act of this process.
Velara is therefore structuring itself to propose both standard shading sails, already widely existing on the market, but with a higher level of finish and reliability, and the same type of fixed sails with a customer service, of customization of the measurements.
But the real innovative proposal is based on the development of a type of furling sail with a mechanical rewinding system based on the traditional one of awnings, and of this it reuses some components, but revisits adapting it to the specific peculiarities of the furling sail. The development of this product meets the needs of users of a solution with simple use, adaptable to multiple contexts, even geometrically not regular and with a higher cost, but not too much compared to an ordinary awning solution.
The prototype made well represents our idea of ​​a shading system. The basic idea we wanted to maintain is that of lightness, minimal presence of the supporting structure, essential design and simple use in the management. The solution will have a manual opening version, with a gearbox and a motorized one with a single wall motor.
It will be marketed in two standard sizes that can be ordered from the site, or in a customized version that can be customized according to the place where it is to be installed and the needs of the user.
We have started patent applications for the cloth rewinding system and for cutting and packaging the cloth. We are planning the development of some structural and support components for the elements of the sail in 3D printing mode, an absolutely new case for this type of product. We are also developing the methods and criteria for the creation and development of the sales network, which will have to emphasize and model the specificities of the proposed solutions.

Vela ombreggiante avvolgibile

Arch. Romano Lucarini

Born in 1957, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Rome, after the first experiences in interior design and commercial spaces, he concentrates his experiences in the execution of small-medium sized wooden structures and in the design of both private and public outdoor spaces like those for catering.
In 1989 he set up a company that deals with the design and construction of outdoor spaces, followed by the execution of works and increased competence in execution and coordination.
In 2005 he opened a shop with the Jardineria brand, proposing solutions for outdoor spaces mixing systems for sun protection, furnishings, vases and objects in a formula that in the following years will be discreetly developed.
In 2008 he won a Rome City Council competition with a project for a wooden open-air theater, built at the Gaetano Grilli primary school on the Gianicolo slopes.
In 2018 Velara is an innovative startup with the aim of developing innovative shading systems such as roller sails and curtains on steel cables.
Over the years he has developed a profound knowledge of the outdoor market, that is to say furnishings for outdoor spaces, shading systems, solutions for wooden floors, vases, gratings and fences.
Always attentive to the quality of the execution of the project, it translates the needs of adaptation and transformation of the external space considering the constraints of the environmental context not as a constraint, but as a fundamental element.
Curious by nature, picky by profession, never tired of learning and improving.

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