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Graffiti for Smart City
Graffiti for Smart City

Graffiti for Smart City

Graffiti for Smart City was born from an idea of installing smart mosaics in the main cities of the world. Results are smartwalls composed by very thin and revolutionary biobased tiles of mosaic where technology allows to connect with smartphone, assuring different services: ability discovering points of interest, receiving information, paying parking or better drawing on the walls through the device and creating artistic compositions to share with your friends and eventually taking advantage of Wi-Fi and 5G technology.
It is a project conceived to recover dismissed areas in the cities and to create new meeting places with artistic attractions.

Graffiti for Smart City

Salvatore Pepe, Mariangela Pepe, Marco Capani

Salvatore Pepe: CEO & Founder of Mosaico Digitale, a company that brought back to the fore the ancient art of mosaic, revolutionizing its creative perspectives by replacing stone with a digital print, it is subsequently decomposed and printed on resin tiles.
Mariangela Pepe: CEO & Founder of Graffiti for Smart City. Graduated in Marketing & Business Communication at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro". Winner of the Giuliana Bertin Communication Award 2018 for having contributed to the development of an innovative communication tool.
Marco Capani: Deep knowledge of program and project management techniques, evaluation and execution of innovation projects, Smart Cities and Urban Services Planning, research and development programs, big data, online and mobile analytics.

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