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The exclusive Evolving technology offers unprecedented added value to the creative experience to understand art and culture at all levels.
Thanks to an advanced three-dimensional digital imaging system and our sophisticated imaging technology, the paintings of every age, by Michelangelo Leonardo, which are two-dimensional by definition, take on a new, dynamic, three-dimensional shape, "appearing" within the room and beyond the boundaries of their canvas.
Through the Olo-stereoscopic effect of Evolving Virtual Room, thanks to the use of algorithms and procedures that we have invented, sculptures, rare or immovable artifacts of all kinds can materialize in the middle of the room up to 3-4 meters from the walls, be interactive and then examined, animated, and voiced in real time.


Walter Stor

Walter Stor, engaged for more than 25 years in the search for new and innovative forms of communication, develops a propensity for the visual arts, designs and fantasies virtual worlds that will lead him to the current main occupation of virtual 3D designer.
Currently his dream is to combine his virtual researches with his inner research evaluating the possibility of creating interactive holographic virtual environments with insertions of sound and olfactory atmospheres. He is interested in experimenting, through perceptions, with new ways of being in reality, opening up to a multi-dimensionality aimed at the rediscovery of being as an infinite consciousness.
In recent years he has managed to select a group of talented researchers Andrea Spinelli, Giovanni Messina, Riccardo Menneri, all highly specialized and in line with his visions, managing to create a team in continuous evolution, combining precisely the name derived from the gerundio “Evolving -Project” and perpetuating a continuous research work in progress in the field of stereoscopy autostereoscopy, Vr AR and Mixed Reality.
On the occasion of MakefaireRoma 2019 they will present the first Evolving Virtual Room in a world preview.

Stand-Evolving-Project. - Hall 10 Hortensia hall

  Sala Hortensia
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